Professor B and the Army of Love


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I’m a musical activist of conscious vibes. Our mission is quite obvious: we offer a fun-for-all encouraging concept to bring self awareness of positive thinking in the promotion for world peace and through music, spread peace, love, and harmony, all good vibes to our audience. You’d be hard pressed to find another artist who is so whole-hearted playing music for this reason.


The Tough Times album on HMG records is a beautiful mixture of positive vibes about life that will warm your heart. A signature vintage sound, with across the board influences. From an inspiring story, this artist takes his music over the top, and succeeds in capturing your conscious.




and we’re spreading our message worldwide 

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We’re contestant as music for world peace


many thanks for the opportunity to be apart of this



A network of positivity



                     We share the message for World Peace



The musical landscape is forever changing, and digital radio offers another platform to get our message out there to be heard. We’re streamed through many channels worldwide.You can be a soulja too and follow us on our social networks, 


play our music with your friends at your favorite location on 60,000 jukebox’s across the the USA