An Open Invitation

1743725_10152885443169064_4794406104227281933_n-1 Greetings

Welcome visitor. As this site continues to grow, I’ll be featuring events, celebrating many friendships, linking with partnerships, and also sharing a little more history of myself, and of an amazing team. The road has been long and hard as we continue moving forward.


The Gift of Music

I encourage all those facing the many challenges in life, whether it may be health, or the many struggles of surviving through tough times, to subscribe to my blog and follow me in my journals of celebrating life. Through my story and music, I hope to inspire those to believe that there is a place beyond those challenges.

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  1. Susan

    Good music. Translates feelings thoughts an spirit. Fred. Yours speaks volumes.

  2. Cindy

    commendable is what it is, thinking outside the conventional, into the wild blue,

  3. Susan

    I have known freddie B many years he has always been a Gentle loving soul and now amongst grey cloud you will find him sitting on that silver lining dripping sweet sounds that are him in his 🎶. Each note falling like stars of love

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