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Thanks to Vic Steffens for his patience, and guidance.
Thanks to Vic Steffens for his patience, and guidance.

With so many ways to record and process music these days it can be overwhelming. Being seasoned in years with many distractions and with breakthroughs in technology as well as the business itself, you can get pretty lost. I’ve always believed that what ever you do or how you do it, you still need to take it over to Vic’s place for the finished product.

As writer and musician, trust becomes a very important factor.  Your locked into yourself and it’s hard to let go. Being around those you can trust with your creation can make a big difference. I finally put my tracks together and head over to Vic’s. With many projects going on there, and with an overwhelming schedule, he made time to fit me in. His experience is second to none. Through the process with countless hours, not only did I record an album, I developed better computer skills, learned to have a little more patience, be more directive in communication with others and staying focused. Good things happen at Horizon Studio. You can let it go, and find yourself in music.


Through my years, I’ve collected an arsenal of instruments that with a little tending, become useful in voicing my sound. This old chop shop Telecaster cuts through everything, delivering my desired requirement, I can finally put it to use.



With endorsements from LP  my friend Ray Stover pointed out to me one day, the difference of a dull sounding drum, to one of brightness. (listen).  Percussion moves the music.



Clair Barber (right) adds a youthful sound. The smoothness is identifiable as an important wing position throughout the album.



The voice of Joan Morris is the real deal featured on the titled track Tough Times. She answers “Yes it is, Yes it has, Yes it will”  –  Those who feel it know it.

The use of studio musicians is quite popular in the recording process, and I’ve been very fortunate to have many of them as friends that stepped up to the plate, especially in the beginning process. Many thanks to Jon Peckman, Jerry Langley, Mike Russo, Steve Asetta, Tim Cane, Amanda Castillo, Mike Dematteo, and David Apuzzo… and on we grow….

Thanks to Mike Russo (bass) of the famed rock band Edison and so many others taking the time in the studio. Hear him on “Sign of the Times”



Ken McKinnon (Kenny Mac) featured with flute on the track Island Girl. The flute gives a warm, lustful feel of softness to the song. Kenny also fills in with sax during live performances when availible.

Once we had a good foundation, we moved forward with the creation of the album, Vic suggested some horn leads, and brought in the notable  Bill Holloman on the beginning track Skank.



The use of a 5 string bass is very important in my creations. With it’s frequencies of that extra string, it allows the player to strike the note from a lower octive when needed, giving the voice of the cord a lower end, adding a fullness to the sound. My friend Wayne (Chubby) Coleman and I have been on a musical journey for a number of years now, and I’m so glad to have him on board.



Mike Knobloch is a true asset to many local bands, and a good friend that heeds the call when he’s availible. Although he persused his passions with The Realitive Souls Band, My heart is full of graditude for his contributes, and I’m very happy to have him on the album, as he still heeds the call.



Again through power of suggestion from the right person, I asked my friend of many years Papa Biggie for his guidence,  We have since moved forward to acquire the great talents of Mr Welfred (Charlie) Mellers of the Anthem Band.  Charlie was on tour, and had resently returned home from Gwam. He joins our camp with an extensive profolio of expertise. A true gentleman  you can trust giving it all.



Paul Chung is more than a keyboardist. He’s multi-talented with great stage presence. As a teacher and composer himself, and a gentleman of outstanding character, he knows keeping the band focused with the right touch in communication, is crucial for any artist to succeed. His expertise comes from touring with the legends.




Winston Harrison, (b.k.a) Imessiah has been a staple of positive influcence through the whole process. With a long history as a world’s ambassador of reggae music and programmer of WPKN Mirror ya Vibes Show also the VOICE  at Toads Place and beyond, tweeks the micophone once more and applies his baritone voice along side Joan Morris, they add to the music as the Free Spirit Singers.

And so we grow with many new faces…. and look forward to our next release.





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