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                        It’s Simple, Be kind to others.                                                 

We all suffer tough times, or just have a bad day once in awhile, and we all like to be reminded of a job well done 

                       To Help Carry the Message

 Our new release on Cd, Logo Button, and Tag, are intented as reminder of a  Positive Vibe and they’ll make a great inspirational gift for groups, a friend or loved one that could use a boost!

We’ll be offering more items as well from our partners as growth spurs us, and also offering specials at events

Tough Times CD     button_dogtag


Available Now On

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Or stream through your favorite subscription


Also available through international music salons worldwide


We want to bring the message of this music to the people, and we need your support to promote the music and help the band tour. Reggae bands need a lot of folks to deliver the show, and its expensive to tour, particularly in the early stages. We hope to use all funds to promote the band up to a level where it can support itself

This project was initiated by Horizon Music Group as a means to help Professor B combat his diagnosed cancer. As we have found in the past, working on music has greatly improved his health through the positive vibrations of music. Help us share that message.
All funds we raise will be used to obtain press and radio support for the Tough Times CD, and defray travel expenses for the band to perform at festivals and venues. All money raised will go to these ends, and the more funds available the carter we can reach.

Music is a largely word of mouth medium. Spread the word wherever and whenever you can. If you can’t contribute you can still make a difference.